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Friday, November 24, 2023

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Welcome to 60 Cycle Sounds!

Hey all! Daniel from 60 Cycle Sounds here, happy Black Friday!

Wanted to hop on and talk a bit about these new profile packs I released today. The "Bendsin Monarch" bundle is made up of three individual packs--the USA pack, the British (Brit) pack, and the Direct pack. 

These profiles are based around an early serial number (we're talking like serial number 17!) Benson Monarch amplifier from the Benson Amp Company out of Portland, Oregon. This particular example actually uses EL84 tubes in the preamp section, so the sound has a bit more of that dynamic top-boost sound you'd hear from something like a vintage Vox. 

But this amp is anything but specific. I've been able to get tones from blues, to jazz, to funk and rock with these profiles. The clean tones have replaced my default cleans (hard to do!) and the drive tones just ooze with grit and power. 

These tones were of course captured loud and strong through a Universal Audio Ox. These profiles are also all liquid profile ready, meaning I captured them with consideration to the gain knob. 

While the Benson Monarch may still be particularly difficult to get, definitely get your hands on this Bendsin Monarch profile pack now. You'll be glad you did!


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